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Have you heard that the All India Law Examination is entrance exam for the lawyers? You must have passed it or not. The reason for it is that it is being conducted all over India and not just in Delhi. In fact, even from the various small states, where the bar exam is conducted, people can take the test. If you are planning to take the test, here are some tips and help you in this.

The first step is to find out as much as you can about the various procedures that are involved in the All India Law Examination. This will help you to take correct decisions at the time of sitting for the test. Even though many people prefer to sit outside India, there are many who take the exam in the country itself.

You can contact the Indian Lawyer Registration Board or any other such registration boards for getting more information. There are also websites on the internet which will give you complete information. Then prepare yourself mentally before sitting for the All India bar exam. There are loads of books available in the market and you can buy one that contains all the basic information that you want to know.

The material consists of the multiple-choice questions and the writing task. The former will help you learn the basics and the latter will help you write well. It is important to understand the difference between the two. If you understand this, you can definitely do well in the test.

Though there are many people who prepare for the All India bar exam by studying alone, it is always better to take practice tests. This will help in perfecting your skills. The best way to take the practice test is to take an online course. There are many such online courses that offer free practice tests. So, if you have time, take these tests and perfect yourself.

The study group activities are very helpful for preparing for the All India bar exam. There are mock testing sessions and group discussions, which help in discussing various legal issues. These will definitely help you get prepared. It is important to have proper time management skills when preparing for the bar exam.

Bar Examination is conducted by the Legal Complaints Commission or the LCC. You need to take a written test and a practical test to clear the examination. You will need to take practice tests from reputed institutes to get prepared. You can contact the LCC office for advice and further queries.

Before sitting for the bar examination, you should find out all the possible answers to the questions. This will help you to refresh your memory. Though reading from a book is good enough, but it does not work well on this occasion. If possible you should take notes of the answers so that you can refresh your memory.

It is very important to take practice tests every now and then. Taking practice tests at least twice a year will help you to refresh your memory. You can take practice exams either at the Law School of India or at any reputed institute. You should not take the test more than three months before the exam.

In all India, bar examination is conducted under the supervision of the Supreme Court of India. Each lawyer who takes the bar exam has to complete a minimum of 200 hours of active practice. You will have to successfully complete the course work and also the practical exam conducted under the supervision of the Supreme Court. The law books that you will use for the bar examination must be approved by the CJI. Only a professional lawyer can take the exam for you.

Bar Examination is a three-step process. First, you will have to successfully complete the theoretical course. Then you will have to clear the practical examination under the supervision of the CJI. Finally you will have to pass the final examination conducted under the supervision of the CJI. If you fail in any of the step of the process, you will not be able to clear the examination.

Many a times, the applicants fail in the first two or three steps of the bar examination. In such a case, they can take help of the SBI legal assistance or can approach the specialized attorneys. The SBI lawyers will help the applicants in every step of the process. Only a licensed attorney can help you in this process. India Lawyer Referral Service can also help you in getting appropriate attorney for your case.

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