Download Inspector Admit Card Before Class Period

The All India Law Institute (ALIIM) invites applications for the vacant post of Legal Metrology Examiners (LME). It is the largest and one of the most prestigious Law Institute of India located at Delhi. This institution has been taking keen interest in the entrance and progress of candidates since a long time. The faculties are very strict about the quality of the students they accept and also about the way they evaluate the performance of the students. A candidate needs to fulfill a certain minimum mark to clear the exam. They do not provide any sort of loans for this purpose.

The All India Law Institute invites applications for the vacancy on the next West Bengal Legal Metrology Examination date. The vacancies for this examination include an Associate Legal Secretary, Legal Assistant, and Examiners. The exam dates are fixed by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. The examinees will receive a copy of the schedule of exams from the examination hall at the beginning of the exam schedule period. Candidates who wish to participate in the examination should visit the admission desk at the entrance of the institution and present their resume along with all the proofs required for the same.

Students can visit the examinee’s lounge and obtain a copy of the schedule from the lounge. Once a candidate finds out the date of his examination he should immediately apply online and fill in the application form with the prescribed details. He needs to key in the answers and submit the application form as soon as possible. Once a candidate gets his approval of his application will be forwarded to the Principal Office of the Law School of West Bengal, India.

Once the approval is obtained, the application will be forwarded to the Principal Office for further processing. The pass certificate will be mailed to the candidates via email. Students can follow the instructions enclosed in the email as well as wait for the results. Students who pass the examination release date candidates will receive a West Bengal Lawyer admits card with a signature card.

Students need to purchase legal assistant post-graduation from the Law School itself. The admission process includes a written test, behavioral questionnaire, essay and personality traits tests. The Law School has different types of entrance exams including the IITJEE Advanced and IITJEE Super diagnostic series. Only those students who get a score of leastift fifteen marks from any of the three tests will be considered for the legal assistant post-graduate.

To check exam date, you have to visit the office of the Professor who is in charge of supervising the administration of the Law School. He will give the details about the schedule. The Professors also set a minimum and maximum scores required by each section. After selecting the candidate, the Professors will instruct the admission officers about post name requirements. The Professors will also advise the students about how to contact them if they need help with their queries.

Students will be required to fill out an application form for admission to the Legal Institute of India qualified Legal Assistant Program (LIA). In this program, candidates need to earn an LIA degree within two years of their eligibility. Candidates who do not possess the eligibility need to check exam date with the Executive Director of the Law School.

Students have to download inspector exam date prior to registration. Students need to print this form and present in the examination hall on or before the specified examination date. They will be required to follow these directions to download inspector admit card. The LIA also provides support to the candidates in the form of free consultation. This consultation is conducted through email, so candidates need to check their email on a regular basis.

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