How I Used Review to Pass the Law School Legal Exam Marks!

When I took the Legal Profession Exam in 2021 I really had no idea what to expect. I was certainly not going to come out of the test with the highest score. In fact, I knew that I would not, so I just took it and went home. The next day I found out how low my score actually was. So what did I learn and what is the best way to prepare for your legal profession exam?

One important thing that I learned during my legal exam experience is that I needed to pay close attention to every part of the test. I learned that I should plan to study two to three weeks before the exam. This gave me time to make sure that I had all of the knowledge I needed to pass the exam and that I did not need to study a week before the test.

Another important thing I did was to get a friend who had already taken the legal exam to study with me. We spent a lot of time going over many of the same topics. However, we also focused on completely different topics. As a result, I ended up passing the test the first time around without having to study at all. I was able to move through the questions quickly and determine which ones I really understood the answer to.

I also made sure that I reviewed the questions as I went. This is something that a lot of people do not do when they are reviewing. You should spend at least five hours a day studying for the exam and make sure that you take the time to review all of the questions that you encounter.

I spent a lot of time taking a deep breath before answering a question and repeating the question to myself. This may seem like a simple thing to do, but it actually took some time for me to get the timing down. When I finally got it, I asked myself if I understood the question. If I did, then I repeated it, even if I didn’t really understand the question. In fact, I probably would have forgotten the question was I was so focused on breathing.

Finally, one of the best techniques I used to help me pass the questions that were tough was to picture myself answering them. For example, if I was going to answer the question about what is a public record, I would picture myself sitting in front of my computer, clicking and looking at a screen. As I clicked on each image, I would be thinking about exactly what that means. Then, I would picture myself completing the legal document, signing it and then submitting it to the court. I would imagine the way my signature looks on the paper. I then would picture the look of confidence on my attorney’s face as he or she sits back in his or her chair.

I made sure that I always worked on my verbal skills. I am a great listener and I can talk people into believing things I don’t really believe in myself. I made sure I always answered my own questions, unless they were extremely easy ones. I didn’t try to be smarter or more eloquent than the question. I just took the time to think of exactly what the question was asking me and how I could answer it. If I was unclear, I simply stopped what I was doing and thought about how I wanted to answer it.

Finally, I found a great resource to use for my review. For about $20 a month, I had access to a Law Schools Admission Test (LSAT) review that was emailed to me. This review was invaluable because it allowed me to answer the toughest legal questions in the shortest amount of time. It also gave me information that I needed to pass my review.

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