How to Prepare For the National Jurist Board of India Legal Examination?

If you are planning to take the Law School Exam for Professional Responsibility (LSRE) or the National Certification Examination (NCLEX-RN) at any point of time in future, you need to make sure that you prepare well for it. Since it is a competition between many professional bodies, you should take your competition seriously and make every effort to improve your status. The aim of these examinations is to prove your worth in various fields of expertise. A certificate stating that you passed the examination is the end result of your hard work. It will help you get a job or secure an entry in various institutions of higher learning.

Now, let us see how you would be able to take this examination. Well, first of all, you need to decide which State examination is required for you. As per the regulations, Karnataka examination is mandatory for persons holding Karnataka license. On the other hand, if you hold other credentials like Masters Degree in Law or similar qualification, India and Singapore would be good countries to apply for the National Jurist Board (NJP) examination.

Then, you should check with the boards and the universities you are interested in studying at, whether they conduct their own examination or they would prefer a third party to do it. There are many NJP examination centres situated all across the country. You can contact them or take a look at their website to take a view of the course outline. Generally, a student has to register with the board and then start the course. In some cases, he has to clear an entrance exam in order to take the examination.

As per the syllabus, there are two streams of examinations. One stream is based on theory and the other on practical activity. During the theoretical part, students are required to read extensively and learn the important topics. During the practical part, students would have to apply the learned concepts through actual cases set by the teachers.

As per the process followed in Karnataka, all those who wish to take the NJP examination must get in touch with the National Jurist Board of India and the National Law School exam centre of Karnataka. All the preparations for this exam should begin by taking the mock examination. There will be a number of questions related to the laws followed in Karnataka. Through this process, the candidates would get a feel of the exam environment.

The main process is about four steps. The first step would be the planning of the course well in advance. One can reach the apex of the pyramid when he plans well and accordingly. One has to allocate time in well defined sessions to study. If you are a busy person and if you cannot take more than four weeks for a course, then you should not take my law course on Karnataka as it would be very difficult for you to manage your time.

The second step would be that one should register himself in any reputed examination centre. As per the rules and regulations of Karnataka, only the centre would conduct the exams. You should check the reputation of the centre through the previous students or clients of the centre.

Thirdly, one has to take the mock test for each of the three classes. This will give a clear idea whether you have understood the course material well or not. If you are really interested in taking the exam, then you have to start clearing the test dates. You can also take help from the NLS and other reputed test preparation centres in Karnataka to know the right schedule of the final examination.