Judicial Board Certification And Judgements

Applying for a judicial position in Maharashtra is not very tough. The state has a number of well reputed institutions that have come forward to offer quality education and job opportunities to its students. Every year, several candidates apply for the post of junior lawyer from different states of the country. But there are some who end up missing out on this wonderful opportunity to work in the esteemed court of justice. Read on to discover more about the criteria for Judicial Exam Qualification in Maharaja Mumbai and other cities/counties of Maharashtra.

To be a candidate for the exam, one should be a resident of the state for the stipulated period. People from outside the state are not allowed to apply for the post of a senior barrister. Those who hold the certificate of clearance from the Bar Council of India are eligible for the post of a Junior Counsel. Candidates who have cleared their bar examinations with the help of CLEP or the Law Colleges Admission Test are also eligible for the same.

The candidates applying for the post of Junior Counsel must get the requisite Bar Examination certificates from the Bar Council of India. To know the exact requirements of the exam, one can check with the institution offering the course. In the portal of Indian Lawways, all the relevant information about the examination and the corresponding requirements can be found. Before taking the test, all the candidates must register with the institute.

For the certification of candidates who have passed the bar examinations, all the candidates can take the test online. There are many websites which offer the same, but it is better to take a test from the official website of the institution. In the portal, the details of the examination can be found out along with the corresponding examination schedule. All the candidates who wish to take the certification exam for the first time can also register for the same.

Law courses in Mumbai are offered by many institutes, but each of them differ in the kind of course they offer and the amount they charge for the same. While some of the institutes charge money for providing the test, others conduct the test for free. All the candidates who wish to take the examination for the first time should register with the institution where they can take the test for free. After the registration, the candidates can log into the test centre and take the preliminary exam for the training in Maharashtra.

During the course, the candidates can take the mock test, which is like that of the final examination. Only the top three candidates in the mock test will be short-listed for the final examination. The candidates can select either group work or individual work. This stage of the training helps the candidates to improve their communication, writing and oral skills.

After the course, the candidates have to appear in the final examination. They appear in a panel comprised of lawyers, who have passed the minimum requirement of the state exam. There is a special committee, which presides over the examination. The candidates need to click the paper for the cases for which they are appearing. They can select any lawyer for whom they would like to appear.

There are many other ways for the candidates to improve their exam eligibility. They can take coaching classes at the local coaching center. The candidates can also get coaching from the experienced lawyers at the local Bar association. However, these options are only available to the people who are willing to spend money on the consultation. If you do not want to spend money then you can get coaching from the Bar association for nominal charges.