Kerala Law Entrance Examination

The Kerala Legal Education and Training (LETT) Board offer an entrance examination for lawyers practicing in the state. It is compulsory for all licensed lawyers practicing in Kerala to take the examination and get a license for practicing. The board is responsible for the regulation of professional law within the state. All the registered lawyers and law school students take and pass the exam to become eligible for practicing in the state.

There are many law schools in the state that conduct the exam centre. The test centre give the examination to the candidates who applied for a license with regards to practicing in the state. To avoid the hassle of going to a single exam centre and taking the exam randomly, you can register yourself for online registration of the test centres. Online registration is free and available to all eligible candidates for the Kerala law entrance examination.

You can apply for the admission to any of the three-year-old postgraduate course in law by filling up the online application form. The online form is available at the official website of the Supreme Court of India. Candidates applying for admissions in any of the three-yearllb postgraduate course need to submit their application forms on the specified date. For the same, they need to provide proof of their strong academic performance. Successful candidates will receive notification about their results.

The details regarding the application process can be obtained from the website of National Board of Examiners (NBEO) and Attorney General of India (AGI). Candidates who fail to get admitted to any of the three-year postgraduate level test or those who are not successful in getting admission in any of the three-year postgraduate level test forlaw shall be eligible for re-examination within one year from the date of application. Any candidate appearing for an admission in any of the three year postgraduate level test shall be allowed to appear for a special eligibility test conducted under the rules and regulations of the LSSA approved Law School Admission Admissions Procedure (LSAP). The details of this special eligibility test are available on the LSSA approved website.

Candidates who lack in the required legal aptitude or who fail to clear the preliminary examination may appear for an interview under the panel of judges appointed for the purpose. These interviews will help the candidates to evaluate their potentials in the legal field and to improve their overall examination result. During the interview session, the candidates will be asked a series of questions by the panel of judges. The candidates will be asked questions pertaining to their practical experience, legal knowledge, ability to follow directions, evaluation of written and verbal communication, and other relevant qualities. The panel of judges will not only consist of a single judge for the sole purpose of questioning the candidate but also shall have three other members for the purpose of questioning the candidate.

At the end of the examination, the candidates who appear for the examinations will receive a certificate which lists their marks. The certificate will be categorized into two sections the normal category and the special category. The normal category contains normal qualifying marks which indicate the basic quality of the applicant and shall not be compared with the marks earned during the initial year of study which form the special category. The normal category does not contain marks for unsuccessful attempts to obtain admission.

The normal category grades shall be enough for earning a candidature for the law exam for klee 2021. However, if the candidates wish to improve their marks, they can opt for klee consolidation course which offers a re-examination after passing the first year examination. This will enable them to improve their marks and earn better grades in the second year of the exam. Another way for improving the marks is by taking help of the multiple regression analysis which compares the marks earned by different students in the same test. This enables the student to take benefit of the available resources and therefore improve his or her marks.

Those candidates appearing for the post of LLB (LSAT) in Kerala are eligible to apply for the exam after clearing the basic prerequisite successfully. Candidates applying for the post of LBA (law) may need to clear the first two years of the course in order to gain entrance. After clearing the course successfully, the candidates appearing for the post of law (law) will need to appear for an examination conducted under the National Admission Test (NATS). NATS examination is conducted under the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and is sanctioned twice in a year, first is for the basic level and second for the advanced diploma.

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