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Law Entrance Exam is a tough test that can only be taken by those who have an inclination for study. But many would think that Law Entrance Exam dates are fixed. No doubt, it is true that there is a Law Admission Test (LAT) that is given to you on the first of August every year. And that is also followed by an entrance test which is taken by all the candidates in the same college a few days later. But the Law Entrance Exam dates vary from year to year. It is not a fixed date.

Law schools of India are extremely stringent in accepting or rejecting the candidate. Any student who does not pass the preliminary check will have to undergo the final interview with the admission panel. So there are some changes that take place each year and you may not know about them when you are in the queue to appear for the exams. There are various other criteria for acceptance and rejection too. All these will have to be sorted out before the admission is final.

Law Entrance Examination dates are fixed long in advance and the date for the next year is published just before the course starts. The same format will be used for Law School Entrance Test and it may vary from one state to another. So don’t try to find out Law School Entrance Exam dates before appearing for your desired courses. You will end up in disappointment. But don’t worry, there are some reliable websites that will give you information on Law School Entrance Exam dates and timings.

You will have to collect all the necessary documents and prepare for the Law Entrance Exam. Some of the documents required by the admission panel include: Bachelor’s degree if you are a non-law student, Bar Examination, Criminal Justice Certificate, certificates of graduation from the legal institutes of your country where you have passed the Law Admission Test. Any course which you have passed will also help you in getting in the law school. Some courses which were not covered in your courses will also be considered for the entrance exam. Your high school certificates can be taken in this case.

There are various preparation methods available for Law School Entrance Exam. They are used by Law Schools all over the world. You may find that different methods are used by the faculty of different law schools. Different countries may follow different approaches for preparing for the entrance exam. For instance, in England, some preparation may be done before the exam while in USA and some other countries the entire process will be different.

Before sitting for the Law School Entrance Examination, you will need to go through some tutorials about the process of Law School Entrance Examination. These tutorials will help you understand the test much better. If possible, you should also contact the law school you are interested in. There will be an advisor for this purpose.

Some of the preparations for the Law School Entrance Exam includes writing sample essays, practicing for the test, attending mock interviews, preparing for your oral presentation, studying for your multiple choice test, preparing for the writing section, etc. Your Law School will provide you with these tutorials along with application forms for the test. Some of the useful websites that offer law school entrance exam prep software packages include Testking, Examskills, Law School Admission Software, etc. These software packages will assist you in preparing for the test in a hassle free manner.

If you do not want to take the hassle of downloading software or downloading them from the internet you can also buy printed versions of the tests and study guides. These printed versions will give you practice test papers and guide you properly on how to proceed further. Some of the companies also provide practice test papers along with the application forms. However, if you do not want to take any risk then it is always better to download the software or take the test from the site itself. The Law School Admission Software will guide you properly and will help you clear the test easily.

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