Law School Exam – Are You Ready For It?

If you‘ve recently graduated from law school and want to start practicing law, one of the first steps you must take is the law school exam. In fact, it may be one of the most important examinations you will take throughout your entire legal career. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started, or if you plan to practice locally, the passing grade on this test could make the difference between an excellent reputation and a disastrous one.

So what do I have to do to prepare for my law school in Canada? Actually, I’m not much different than the average student. In fact, in many ways, I am more organized than many of you law school in Canada graduates.

So what does that have to do with my law school in Canada? Well, when I graduated from law school in May of 2021 I decided that I wanted to take the Canadian citizenship test, even though I had already passed the U.S. one. I also wanted to take the national bar exam, which I failed. My thinking was that if I could successfully pass the citizenship test and the bar exam in Canada, then I would become a qualified lawyer in Canada. Both of these efforts failed.

After all was said and done, I still didn’t feel satisfied with my overall grade. I wanted to improve my grade so I took the Hutter School’s Law Student Guide and studied even more. I did a great deal of reading, studying, and preparing. That’s when I discovered that I needed to take my law school in Canada practice test very seriously if I wanted to succeed.

I also realized that I needed to do even more if I wanted to do well on my law school in Canada examination. Fortunately for me, I had studied a lot and I knew what to expect. I learned about how to prepare by doing more research, reading prepared materials, watching online videos, and going through mock tests. So, I set about preparing myself for the exam. I did more reading and more preparation.

The day before I sat for my first examination, I felt like I hadn’t done enough studying. But when I got to the examination center and went through my normal pre-examination preparations, I felt ready. When I walked into the room to take my test, I was surprised to see that there were many people there. As I entered the examination room, there were several other lawyers waiting in line to take their test. It seemed like everyone was extremely anxious to get started on their test.

When the time came to take my Canadian citizenship test I became nervous and the more I thought about it the worse I felt. The last thing I needed on a day that I needed to be at home taking an exam, studying for the test. I decided to go online with a study guide and some review books. I was able to study well, but I didn’t know what to do after I submitted my application. When I went to apply for a Canadian passport I didn’t know what to do and I ended up getting denied again.

I’m a little embarrassed about how my experience with my first Canadian citizenship school exam has left me. But I am glad I took the time to prepare myself. I know I did the right thing and I was prepared. I also know now that I am up to speed with my Canadian experience and ready to take my test. I will be studying hard and taking notes like I have been.