Law School Witness Examination

Have you ever been asked to “take my witness exam”? If so, then you know how nerve wracking it can be. This is not only because you have to relive the trauma of being called upon to give testimony in a court case, but also because the person who asks you to do this is likely to be a friend or associate of yours who is going to use your testimony in a way that benefits them. The last thing you want to do is look foolish on your way out the door!

So how do I prepare for this examination? Well, first I should probably get some sunglasses. Law School will have a very strict no glasses policy, so you should get a pair of high-quality glasses or at least wear shades to protect your eyes from UV light that might otherwise damage your eyes. Law School will also probably require you to wear a certain shirt, a conservative tie, and a briefcase to and from the courthouse.

The rule about being required to wear a suit and tie is that it is an unwritten rule, which means that your wardrobe could make you take the pants-and-tie exam. That said, if you do happen to wind up taking that kind of exam, you should at least bring three pairs of black reading glasses with you. You never know what questions you’ll face, and seeing as the vast majority of questions come in the form of written responses, having good reading glasses will help you focus better.

Also, it’s important to remember that while a law student needs to appear professional on their exams, in real life you and everyone else will be much more critical of your performance. Therefore, your appearance is not as important as it may seem at first glance, but consider what kind of answers you will be getting. If you are asked to “take my witness examination” and you happen to be delivering a dramatic testimony about an issue that really matters in the case, chances are that you’ll need to wear a nice pair of hearing aids to help you out.

The bottom line is that you should bring a couple of different pairs of reading glasses with you to your examination. This way, no one will notice that you have mismatched glasses. At the very least, one pair of glasses should be in black or dark colors, and another pair should be white. (pairing white with black is probably a good rule of thumb, though you should try to avoid mixing the two colors.) It’s also important to note that you should not wear your shades or contacts when you go to testify about an episode that involved you looking at something suspicious.

As for which types of eye gear to bring, the main categories include: Dramatic lines, Whips, and Sunglasses. Every time a character in a fictional story is asked to “see through” or “point of view,” they’re usually speaking from a dramatic point of view. To that end, it’s important that your eye gear matches the scene. For example, if the scene takes place inside a classroom, then you should bring a pair of solid-colored prescription glasses. If it takes place on the beach, then you need a pair of sunglasses with a dramatic, ocean-inspired design.

Another useful bit of advice from the examiner is to remember that it’s perfectly fine to wear shades or contact lenses in order to avoid violating the rules regarding what is and isn’t permitted. As long as they’re prescription glasses, lenses, or sunglasses, they can help you present yourself more clearly. And remember that your demeanor is just as important in court as your attire. If you’re wearing wrinkled clothes, your demeanor won’t be as credible as someone who’s dressed neatly and sporting a sharp-looking hairstyle.

Finally, as much as anything you wear can be taken seriously, don’t over-accessorize. Remember, your goal is to be present and take notes, not draw attention to yourself with funky accessories. While you might want to borrow a Bohemian necklace to add a unique flair to your outfit, don’t wear it while taking your stand. It will only make you look like a walking punch line.

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