Legal Advice Example Sentences – Avoid Them At All Cost

I’m going to give you an example sentence for legal advice. “You shouldn’t take my law exam, if you don’t believe in me.” The speaker may mean to convey that you are not a good candidate for the course. The question is, what does this example sentence tell you about the legal profession in general?

Well, it’s one of my favorite statements. I’ve used it thousands of times in my classes and in my private legal practice! It’s so simple and yet so powerful. One of my favorite examples is actually a quote by Jack Lemon: “If you don’t love your lawyer, you don’t have one.” This says it all!

Here’s another one from an earlier article I wrote on this topic: “Sooner or later, whether out of personal desire or because of monetary consideration, everyone must decide to take a lawyer to court.” Again, emphasis added! Why is this so powerful? Because lawyers are awesome. They’re not just people who stand around waiting for people to come to them. A lawyer is someone who makes sure that you get what you deserve when someone does something wrong.

A lawyer gets paid to make sure that you get what you deserve when someone does something wrong. How is a layperson supposed to know that? By taking my law exam! You’ve heard the saying, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” Well, there’s a dumb question when you’re taking the bar exam!

A lawyer may be called on to defend a client who has been accused of a crime. The lawyer may ask the defendant questions to try to figure out how the defendant came to be charged with the crime in the first place. If the lawyer is unsuccessful in figuring out the answer, the defendant’s attorney may be able to help. The last thing a lawyer wants to do is give up. He or she spent a lot of time and money to make sure that the defendant is innocent. If he or she gives up, then that’s a sign that it’s not going to be easy to prove the defendant innocent.

Sometimes, the best legal advice example sentence I can use comes from the TV show Law and Order. There’s an episode where a judge sentences a man to jail for selling drugs. The sentence is for five years. The judge is quite happy to see this man behind bars because he is going to spend a majority of his life in prison. The legal situation, the man finds himself in is very interesting.

The defendant has a previous case that got him out of jail for five years. However, the appeals court found that the law violated his constitutional rights. He was resentenced and sent back to jail. He appealed the sentence to the Supreme Court but was denied. The Supreme Court did not rule in his favor but instead directed the lower court to reinstate his sentence.

This is just one legal advice example sentence I can give you. The bottom line is that the sentence doesn’t have to be a big one. Even a day in jail can be a good sentence for a criminal. Sometimes it’s better to give a person time than to take them to prison! Good luck!

There are many more legal advice example sentences you can find online. Look up “six months in jail” or something similar. In these cases the legal representatives were ineffective. The sentence should have been longer, maybe ten or twelve months in jail would have been a better option. Unfortunately, the legal system is broken and judges don’t care what the real world thinks.

There are other ways to set aside a legal advice example sentence. One famous legal representative asked a judge “Do you know that the earth is round, gentlemen? Do you know that the Earth is not flat?” This legal advice example sentence earned him a place in a court of law.

Sometimes a legal advice example sentence will have to do with the law. Some examples are even funny, but they shouldn’t be used in court. In fact, you should avoid using any real legal advice example sentence in any type of legal situation, let alone a court of law. Instead you should try to get your information from the internet, from friends and family, or from any other sources.