Legal Moralism Examples

My favorite legal moralism example is one that most lawyers will probably agree with. It’s called The Lemon Law and it says that any law that creates a contract, such as a contract for the sale of a car, can only be changed if it causes more injury to a consumer. Now the problem with this particular law is that no one was hurt in making that car contract. So why did they add the law? Because they wanted more lemon buyers!

If you Google “Lemon Law” or” substituted parts law” you will find several versions of this story. Many of the sites offering the legal lemon laws will tell you that they were recently updated and are very instructive. One site, however, does not offer any instructions and simply states, “You must sue the manufacturer to recover damages; the replacement parts are free.”

Another example is the story of ni and sa. There was a friend who bought some used cheap plastic folding chairs for his birthday. He was traveling somewhere and decided to put them in his bag instead of using his carry-on. Because he didn’t own a very large bag, he didn’t bother to lock the bags when he traveled. The airline contacted him and then sent him a cease and desist order for buying a product without a license.

His friend sa happened to know that the government has strict rules against violating personal property rights even when you’re just traveling in another country. So he flipped his case over to the local prosecuting attorney. The prosecuting attorney was clueless about what to do because bananas (ng isang it) and sikat niyang (siksa niyang) are both crimes that carry jail time. They might both be punished together, or they might both be fined separately – but punishment is always better than none.

Instead of arguing about the merits of the charges, the prosecutor opted to make a plea bargain. For example, he could try banaag by reducing it from a felony to a misdemeanor or vice versa. If he tried seat isang gis, then the maximum punishment would be four years in jail. That is why it is better to bargain than to go to trial.

But not all moralistic crooks use this strategy. Some just take advantage of loopholes in the law. One of these loopholes is the absence of a clear definition of banaag as well as sikat isang gis. Another is the absence of a corresponding test to show whether a person has legal rights. This makes it hard to argue that one is not guilty even if he or she did something wrong.

Yet another legal right created through moralism is the right not to be discriminated against on legal grounds. This includes race, sex, and disability. In the past, people were fired from jobs and evicted from homes on the basis of their legal rights. The aim was to keep out people who did not follow the moral dictates of the time.

Today, however, you do not have to worry about being discriminated against because of your religious or legal rights. The law does not recognize such things. That is why it is more important for you to understand how the legal system works to give you legal rights and not rely on moral beliefs to get what you want in the court of law.

There are three distinct legal rights that are given to people based on their behavior. These include life, liberty, and property. If someone violates your legal rights in any of these areas, you can take them to court. Of course, the first two are self-defense features and the last one is a protection of property.

When you see someone breaking the law or abusing his or her legal rights, it is usually your responsibility to speak up and say something. Many people do not like to think of themselves as law breakers. The truth is that many people who violate laws have no idea what they are doing. This is why they end up getting in legal trouble.

In the final analysis, morality is not nearly as serious as it seems. It is simply a way of looking at the world differently. Legal moralism examples include the legal rights that exist for women, gay and lesbian individuals, and those that exist for ethnic and religious minorities.

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