Preparing For Your Legal Ethics Final Exam

When I took the LSAT, I knew that taking the legal ethics final exam would be one of my main focuses for school. Even if it didn’t pan out the way I had planned it, I was determined to ace it and become a top pick. In order to make it to the point where I could pass the ethics final exam, I made sure that I did the best possible. I did all of the extra work and followed all of the steps to prepare. In this article I’m going to tell you what I did to ace the exam.

First, I enrolled in a law school that I was interested in. I wanted to make sure that if I ever graduated I would have a good opportunity for becoming a lawyer. My favorite law schools are Templeton and Williams Coppin College. If I had the choice, I would have taken my classes from Templeton. I feel like this school was much more rigorous and kept students accountable.

Second, once I enrolled in the law school I had my eye on, I shopped around. I had heard that some of the schools provided great discounts for returning students so I would find out what the policy was before I committed to anything. After all, I didn’t want to pay for classes that I wouldn’t use!

Third, I spent time studying for the final exam. Like many others I spent a lot of time looking up the answers. I actually bought books and magazines with the questions already on them just to have an easier time answering the real tough questions. You can buy study guides at the law library to make sure you cover all the topics that will be on the final exam.

Fourth, I bought practice questions and studied the LSAT. The LSAT is the standardized test that many schools will administer for the final. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with it before taking the final. Then you’ll know what to expect. Also, the official LSAT study book will have practice tests you can take and gauge your readiness. Also, once you know how to answer practice questions and gauge your readiness you can begin to formulate your strategy for the LSAT final.

Fifth, I made sure I had researched each question well. This way, when it came time to answer I knew exactly what I needed to know. Also, I made sure I had the right information on hand to jog my memory if the question was difficult. Once you do this you’re half way to an ace. Not only that but you probably won’t spend too much time trying to remember what you need to know!

Sixth, I wrote down questions that I didn’t fully understand the answer to. If the question was easy to answer I just wrote it down. If it wasn’t clear I wrote it down and tried again. Finally I got through it and came through strong!

Seventh, I ate a nice lunch. I’m not a huge fan of fast food, but I figured a sandwich and a cup of coffee would keep me energized enough to pass the test. Plus the lawyer hat and shades were in style at the time and looked great on me! Lastly, I read ahead to the last paragraph in my LSAT study book so I’d cover the key points I needed to. By this point I was feeling really confident I would get through the legal ethics final.

During the test my attention was divided, as I was asked to read a little and then ask a question. This really threw me off, I normally read everything the guide listed and then asked a question. It’s very difficult to get into a lecture mode when you are focused on what you are reading and asking questions. By the end of the second section I felt like I had done really well and could breathe. The third section was really tough, but like I said I was able to recover fairly quickly and get through it.

Well, I guess I didn’t prepare myself for the fact that I’d be sitting for the legal ethics final. This was quite expected, because like most everyone who goes through the LSAT takes the practice tests first. Knowing this helped my focus and I got through the section in no time. Once I passed the test I felt good and knew I’d nail the legal ethics final.

The day of the final examination I took some time to chat with Rob from Law School LAds. We spoke about some of my challenges in preparation and he shared some tips with me to help me nail the final. We chatted for about an hour before I went back to my desk and logged onto the LSAT website. I hit the exam straight away and landed in first place, not needing to study to get first place!