Requirements For a Legal Termologist

A Document Examiner is a person selected by an Attorney to review documents for potential legal issues. The person has many duties within the profession. They will review all types of papers for originality, significance, and clarity of expression and also for lawfulness. They are often referred to as a “Diary Examiner” because their job is to review legal writings for diary-like accounts and court briefs. Many times the opinions they render are used by juries throughout the country.

This legal term may sound like just another word in a legal dictionary but it’s not. The meaning of this legal term is: a person who has specialized training in reviewing documents of all types for legal compliance. They must possess exceptional writing and reviewing skills as well as familiarity with legal terminology. A great deal of education is required and they are typically employed by firms of lawyers.

A Legal Assistant (LA) or Legal Assistant Intern is one of many who may fall under the classification of a Document Examiner. This is a broad term that includes numerous jobs that can be applied to those working at a law firm. Legal assistants are not Inspectors as such and may not carry out the same level of examinations that Inspectors do in various law firms. However, they do assist Attorneys in carrying out their tasks and are responsible for many tasks including preparing briefs and working with Attorneys. There are many different types of legal assistants including: paralegals, report writers, office secretaries, document examiners, book keepers, transcriptionists, court reporters, paralegals, and more. A Legal Assistant (LA) can obtain a degree or certificate in Law Studies from an accredited Law School or Academy.

Documents Reviewers are responsible for examining documents for lawfulness and originality. It is important for a Document Examiner to understand the documents they are examining and the intent of the examiner in reviewing them. If originality is a concern then a person may need to pass a test showing that they can produce an original document. This test needs to be passed before the document will be placed in the Records of Legal Entries (LREO).

In order to qualify as a legal termologist one needs to be specialized in legal terminology, such as a paralegal, an essay writer, or a reporter. A paralegal needs to have a formal education and training in the use of legal terminology, such as in contracts, agreements, and the use of legal research tools and software. An essay writer or reporter must have a basic knowledge of writing style. It is also important that these personnel have a background in communication because most legal analyses require a great deal of oral communication.

Some Legal Term specialists work exclusively for a particular firm, while other work at a smaller firm doing document review for other firms. Many work on contract for a legal firm doing litigation, while others have full-time employment at a law firm specializing in litigation. There are also Document Examiner jobs available through the Internet.

Document examiners may do examinations on both paper and electronic sources. Paper documents tend to be longer and more complex such as wills, co-habitations, power of attorney documents, and real property deeds. Electronic sources include depositions, case files, and emails. The type of examination given will depend on the nature of the document and will be based on the Original Documents Test (ODT) or United States v. Kerkorian test.

Employment for a legal termite specialist can be found in many places. One of the best places to look is the Internet. The National Association of Legal Document Examiners (NALD) has a website that contains a list of attorneys in various states. It is also possible to contact NALD by telephone. Another good source of information is local employers and legal offices.

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