Take the Certified Legal Assistant Exam in Louisiana to Start a New Career

If you are thinking about taking the Certified Legal Assistant Exam in Louisiana, you already know that it is not going to be easy. The CLA test, like all certification exams, is a fact-driven, time-consuming and difficult endeavor. Each year, thousands of new legal assistants begin their career testing for the CLA exam. Some become successful pass their exams and become the envy of other aspiring legal assistants out there. But there are also many who fail, and who wonder if they should continue their education and pursue a career as a Certified Legal Assistant (CBA).

As one must possess, being certified legal assistant is a prerequisite for employment in many state and county legal departments. You cannot work as a certified legal assistant in the case of malpractice or accidents. You cannot perform personal injury claims as well. It is important that you understand these limitations before taking the CLA exam.

Because so many people have thought about getting certified in these fields, there is a multitude of institutes all across the state offering courses and online preparation. Students can take courses from the comfort of their homes or offices. Online courses have made studying easier for busy people with work and family responsibilities. There are no rigid deadlines for studying, and if you want to study in a relaxed, time-efficient environment, there are plenty of online institutions to choose from.

A CLA course consists of study in both classroom and clinical sessions. Learning can be done through textbooks, lecture, video and audios. Most students agree that hands-on experience is much more beneficial to learning. So if you are taking the exam for the first time, it is helpful to take classroom courses and practice preparing questions in your exam room before you take the CLA exam.

Most states require aspiring CAs to take a one-hour Certified Legal Assistant Exam. This is usually conducted by the local Bar Association, or by a professional board such as the National Federation of Bar Associations (NFBA). Both the state and the bar must designate an official examiner for administering the exam. Students may choose to be a member of any one of these organizations. Once certification has been earned, lawyers in good standing who practice in a given state must complete a CLA recertification every two years.

Those wishing to obtain CLA certification need to meet certain criteria. They must have a high school diploma or the equivalent. They also need to have taken a national licensing exam and pass it with a score of at least 725. In Louisiana, there are separate requirements for CLA certification by specialty. The state requires paralegal certification and criminal law attorney certification.

To become a certified legal assistant in Louisiana, you will need to pass the CLA exam. There are many study guides on the market that will help potentials students with this task. The most recommended guide is the test preparation guide for the National Certification Board for Clerical Professionals. The book includes practice tests, study guides, a sample test, and a complete certification exam. Students can order the book online and receive it in as little as two months. Students can receive up to three months of guided learning.

Once certified, an individual will be able to work as a legal assistant in any state in the United States. There is a wide variety of areas where assistants assist lawyers. They assist attorneys with depositions, court hearings, trials, and many other services related to legal services. If you wish to work in this field you will need to find a good college in Louisiana. A list of accredited schools can be found by contacting your state’s Bar Association.