The Benefits Of The Legal Advisor Exam

A few short weeks ago I took and passed the legal advisor exam for the first time. Now I am one step closer to becoming a legal advisor in Poland. It is an extremely interesting and challenging profession, one that also combines a great deal of responsibility. My education was primarily focused on international law and civil law, but I have also spent some valuable time as a paralegal in various offices. I have held a variety of important portfolios in my line of work, both as a legal advisor and as a paralegal.

I began my legal services career as an associate in criminal law, working with both defense and prosecution. After this position I went on to clerk for a federal appeals court judge. While there I gained significant experience studying labor law, including everything from Habeas Corpus to worker’s compensation to employee benefits. From there I went to work for a labor law firm in Maryland, then a corporate law firm in Ohio, then a law firm in Texas, all while completing a Bachelors of Arts degree at the University of Minnesota. After finishing my educational endeavors in the legal services field I was eager to begin exploration into a new area of legal services, which led me to the legal advisor exam.

The Warsaw Charter gives broad power to Poland’s legal advisors. Their professional duties include defending their clients from claims made against them by public or private organizations. There are many different areas within which a lawyer may defend his or her client, including corporate affairs, tax disputes, labor law, environmental matters, family law, probate, foreclosure, property management, and international trade. Many of these areas are very complex and require years of training before an attorney can be competent to deal with the complex issues involved.

Within the course of my studies I realized that there were many specializations within which to practice law. One of the most exciting, and in my opinion rewarding areas of study, were the area of civil law. My first semester in law school was the year after the Berlin wall was destroyed and East Germany split apart. During this time, millions of people were being displaced and as a legal advisor I had the unique opportunity to work in an international environment while defending those clients who faced severe rights violations at the hands of the occupying powers. Civil law is one of the most complex areas of the law, but it encompasses a wide range of activities that help to support human rights around the world.

Another highly important area of study for legal advisors is that of constitutional law. As a legal advisor I worked extensively with clients who were challenging Poland’s legal code. The Warsaw Charter contained many problematic elements that the courts had difficulty getting a hold of, such as Articles covering elements of the Constitution, Freedom of speech and press, and its commitment to a balanced constitution. In one case a Polish appeals court had ordered a release of a film that depicted Jewish members of the military abusing Christians. After reviewing the film and consulting with Poland’s ambassador to the U.S. regarding the offended parties, our firm’s lawyer prevailed in arguing that the film breached the principles of freedom of speech and press protected under the United States Constitution.

Another highly important area of the law is family law. Many people do not associate the legal advisors with issues that deal with the growing complexities of intra-family relationships, including paternity, child support, asset distribution, and so forth. Nonetheless, as these cases become more commonplace throughout our society, it is becoming increasingly necessary for legal advisors to acquire specialized knowledge in this area. Additionally, the role of the advisor in these cases also goes beyond simply obtaining relevant information for attorneys to represent their clients. In many instances, the advice provided can make or break a case.

Finally, our firm continued to see growth in one other areas of the legal profession while practicing as a full-time legal advisor. One such area was that of paralegal services. Paralegals are responsible for drafting legal documents, responding to discovery requests, interviewing witnesses, filling out discovery forms, advising trial attorneys and so forth. While the vast majority of paralegals have little education or no formal training at all in the legal field, the paralegals who do receive formal training typically perform much better than those without training. Even the most sclerodermatous paralegal often performs better than one might expect given their lack of training and formal education. We believe that the legal advisors will continue to benefit from hiring paralegals to perform these additional tasks as they become more commonplace throughout the legal advisor profession.

This is just one example of how the legal advisor exam can be beneficial to those wishing to provide legal service to clients across the nation. For those already practicing as a legal advisor, the benefits are clear. It is a field that you can truly enjoy from day one. If you want to work for the government, think about becoming a paralegal. The poland is a great place to work and has a well-rounded culture that is conducive to growth and development.

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