Tips For Preparing for the Legal Studies Exam Pack

When you are preparing for the legal studies test, there are a number of different things that you can do in preparation. This can include getting a law review book, downloading a legal dictionary, practicing grammar and tense rules, reviewing case-by-case detail from a case study guide, preparing for the multiple choice portion of the exam, reading through a legal textbook, studying professional journals on the subject, reviewing written materials on the same topic, reading student essays about the case study material, preparing for the oral portion of the exam, and much more. All of these different strategies will help you prepare for the legal studies exam. But which ones are best? And should you do them all?

The Law Dictionary: The Law Dictionary is probably one of the most important tools to use before taking the law review course. Not only will it give you a great overview of the many different types of laws out there, but will allow you to research specific cases based on your prior knowledge of the area. This may include previous case studies and law journal articles. The Law Dictionary can save you time, aggravation, and money!

Law Review: Once you have completed your Law Library studies, then you should consider using a Law Review. A Law Review can be found at most law libraries or online. They can vary in price depending on the provider. Some providers offer free downloads, while others require you to download a template or CD prior to using it. You will also want to check and see if the provider provides practice questions and mock exams. This will also give you an opportunity to gauge your preparedness.

The Law Study Guide: Another useful tool to use before taking the LSAT is a law library study guide. In particular, you want to focus on the Federal Cases and the Major Attorneys. Within the Federal Cases pack, you will find case numbers, case descriptions, and important background information. In addition to this, consider the case type (i.e., criminal litigation, divorce, patent, etc.) and the law library section.

Law School Resources: When selecting your law library study guide, focus on the textbooks that pertain to the particular subject matter that you will be studying. There are plenty of resources to choose from. You can also look for other helpful websites on the internet. For example, if you are a United States citizen, you can search the National Institute of Legal Services website. Here, you can access information about getting registered with the National Legal Services Corp (NLS) and other legal services.

Tip: If you find a book you believe will be useful for your preparation, purchase it! In fact, purchasing items that are not needed can greatly diminish your book shelf space. Additionally, if you plan on taking multiple law library exams, consider purchasing multiple copies of books for your self-studying. In this way, you will have multiple copies ready for reference during the testing process.

Tip: Have friends or family members to help you prepare for the bar exam. The more people you have on your team that know about legal issues, the better. They can be your legal research assistants and can give you expert advice on what types of questions you should expect when studying for the exams. Also, having others on your team that are knowledgeable in the law library will allow you to review for the tests without interruption.

Tip: Use any type of media available to you to help you study for the legal library exams. Read legal journals, book magazines, and even comic books. In addition to reading, take notes while you are researching for the legal topics you are studying. Be sure to review your notes before class and take one or two extra units to review those areas that were not covered in class. Finally, follow the tips above regarding the content of your legal library study guide. These tips are just some of the many tools available to you in order to maximize your studying and exam success.

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