What Are Some Laws of Life? – Laws to Live By

Some people often wonder, “What are some laws of life?” This is a good question and one that I often receive from online law school students who are preparing for their bar exam. I have also received emails asking me this question: “what are the laws of gravity, or of love?” As scary as these questions sound, they are very true. When you start thinking about it in the broadest sense, laws of life can cover all of the aspects of your life. There are literally thousands of laws that make up your life experience.

For example: Let’s say that on our last vacation to Florida we decide to stay in an extremely expensive hotel. Now, we had booked the room months in advance. Now, there are local laws that prohibit non-residents from staying within 100 feet of the hotel entrance. If we had decided to break this rule, we would have been in violation of our vacation reservation. And we would not only have incurred additional monetary penalties but we may have been barred from using that same hotel ever again.

We can extend this to the aspect of property rights. If we set a bed and breakfast on a dirt strip with no running water, well, obviously, we wouldn’t be allowed to stay there. The laws of equity would prevent us from taking another equity position in that area.

A good place to start thinking about what are some laws of life is with respect to money. If we have been irresponsible in managing our finances, we could be in debt for life. This is not just unwise financial decisions but planning foolish ones. Even inheriting money without considering the consequences can lead to financial ruin. So, consider how you can avoid this unpleasant outcome. There are a number of excellent books on money management available today.

Another area we may consider is children: what are some laws of life about kids? One example is that if you have two children and you fail to provide them with a home, both could go to daycare, which will cost money. In addition, neither of them will get time with their brothers or sisters, since both would have custody of the other. This is why it is important to raise your children as sensitively as possible. One important area of child rearing is physical abuse, which we often forget about in the name of “tort law.”

Also, remember that in the event of a divorce, custody of the children may well pass to one of the spouses. Again, this should be done with sensitivity. There are numerous instances where children have been maltreated by the opposite parent in a divorce proceeding. As such, you must be prepared to take care of any issues that arise. If you have children’s interests at heart, then you must do what you can to protect them from such occurrences.

Finally, consider immigration laws: do they apply to you or your spouse? It seems that every time we think of moving, we think only of our children. What we fail to realize is that our country has specific laws regarding children and their status in the country. You may wish to understand the legal ramifications of taking on an American citizen as a nanny or taking care of illegal alien children. This is a good area of law that you must acquaint yourself with if you are thinking about taking on another nationality as your own.

As you can see, the answer to “what are some laws of life?” can vary depending on who you’re asking. However, it is important to do what you can to take care of your children and your life at the same time. In essence, take care of your life first.

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