What is a Legal Document Examiner and How Do I Become One?

Many veterans of the United States Air Force, Navy, Army and Marine Corps are often called upon by their higher ups to take a legal document examination. This exam can be extremely helpful when the leader in a legal department needs to quickly assess what types of legal documents someone may be working with, such as contracts, rental agreements, real estate listings, patent portfolios, private person information, etc. It is not uncommon for someone in this situation to require a quick legal analysis of all the legal documents in question. This is where military veterans really excel.

While these professionals may have had the basic technical training required to perform these tasks many times they are actually quite talented and skilled at what they do. Therefore, they are often called upon to take a legal document examination when either a manager or team leader needs to quickly assess the legal documents being handled in a meeting. This can be extremely important in the business world today. If someone in your company is drafting a large deal and suddenly receives a legal opinion that could change the way the deal goes it could be a very large problem. You can bet that the person who was asked to take the exam will be looking for ways to use the report and use it to make changes to the current contract.

So, what if you have already served in the military and you are looking to take my law exam? Not sure if you even have to take it? The fact is that it is actually required for anyone working in the legal field in the United States. You must pass the test in order to become a licensed attorney in the United States. In order to take my law exam you must first be a United States citizen, or a legal resident alien.

Before getting started it is important to understand the full scope of the exam requirements. All applicants for the position of legal document examiner must first complete and successfully complete the United States National Security Agency (NSA) Qualification Exam. You must pass this exam in order to apply for a position with the NSA. Once you have completed the NSA Qualification Exam, you will have three years to complete the National Security Agency (NSA) Security Essentials Course and sit for and pass the final certification exam.

Are there other requirements for becoming a legal document examiner? Yes, absolutely. In order to work as a legal document examiner, you must also take and pass a national security examination administered by the Intelligence Community Security Information Testing and Assessment Program (ISAST). To be allowed to sit for the exam you must be a U.S. citizen and at least 18 years of age. Along with completing the NSA test you will also need to take and pass the associated national security exam. In order to be considered for an NSA position you must also complete a one or two year clerkship at a U.S. Court approved National Security Agency (NSA) approved law office.

How do I know if I’m ready to take the exams? If you are considering taking the examinations you should consider your current level of legal education and training. If you do not have the appropriate level of legal education and training then it may be best to take the test for the National Security Agency (NSA) rather than the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC). The NSA offers the highest level of security clearance and only those working in the National Security Agency (NSA) have the clearances needed to take the national security exam. If you have an existing level of legal education and training you should have no problem passing the exam for the NSA.

Why do I need the reference number for the review course I’m taking? You must provide the review course or reference number to the NSA. This is so they can keep track of your progress during and after your course. If you fail to provide the reference number, the NSA will not be able to determine how much time you have completed and if you passed or failed the review. Failure to provide this information could lead to a delay in your exam.

What are the benefits of taking the review course? The main benefit is that you will gain insight into what is needed to pass the NDA exam, and this can give you an advantage over others who may not have done this type of review previously. It is also a great way to stay up to date with all the latest information on the changes to the law and changes to the administrative branch of the justice department. If you take the review course, you may be able to take the exam for the National Security Agency (NSA) without having to take the entire course again.