What is the Law Entrance Exam for Maharajat?

Law Schools all over the world look for students who will be able to demonstrate mastery of the many legal subjects and skills, and an excellently written and speaking comprehension of those subjects. Law Colleges and universities all around the world have organized Law Entrance Exams for their prospective Law Students. Students who want to study Law can do so by taking my law entrance exam for Maharajat, which is one of the most popular Law Schools in India. Law Entrance Exam for Maharajat is given by the prestigious Bar Association of India.

There are two types of Law Entrance Exams that are conducted by all the Law Schools in India. The first is called Scheduled Law Entrance Exam and the other is Unscheduled Law Entrance Exam. Both tests are similar in their format, but with one major difference – the schedule of exam is published well in advance. Students need not wait for the date of the exam to be fixed, instead they are free to register for the test as early as March 1st, if they wish. The registration for the scheduled exam can be done online, though in many Law Schools, the students may still need to visit the Law School physically to collect their results.

The primary feature of an entrance exam for Law is that it contains a detailed examination of the student’s knowledge of Indian Civil Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, International Law, Courts of Justice, Advertising Law, Business Law, Family Law and more. Along with this, the syllabus of the law course also mentions the various components of Indian Constitution, Laws binding on Indian citizens, various governmental and non-governmental organizations and their respective policies, and much more. All these components are studied carefully by every student so that when they go for their post-graduate studies in any of the institutions of higher learning across India, they get a clear insight into all the nuances of the subject. The duration of the post-graduation course and the number of units will be decided by the University admission authorities, so the candidates need to make sure that they submit all the requirements by the prescribed deadlines.

The Law school of your choice should be one of the reputed colleges or universities in India. You can check with the Admission Services division of the school if they have received accreditation for Law, before you proceed any further. The Law school’s reputation over the course of time is an important aspect while choosing a Law school, so do not ignore it. The other criteria for selecting a Law school, after your Law entrance exam, is the kind of teaching style and the quality of academic staff, and the kind of student-faculty relationship.

For Law School admission, you may need to fulfill certain requirements, before you can actually enter into the course. You should fulfill the age limit and CCJ number requirements, if you are below 18 years, and you should also fulfill other eligibility norms like grade point average (GPA) minimum marks etc. If you want to study abroad, fulfill the eligibility criteria of foreign students for Law School Admission. For Law, you should pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and for this test, you should get a score better than 500 out of a possible 1000.

Law course entrance exams are conducted at regular intervals, either on weekly or monthly bases. Candidates can check their status online, through mail or phone call. The most common course days for Law School entrance exam in India, are mid-September to early October. Some centers conduct the exam only online, while some examine the candidates physically at their centers. For Law Schools, these exams are conducted in their respective home country, but for other institutes, these exams are conducted outside the country. If you are planning to get admitted in a Law School, you should check the timings of the exam, so that you can manage your timings accordingly.

Law course entrance exams are conducted in three parts – theory, practical and essay. The exam paper will consist of a short essay written by the candidate about the topic, accompanied by a complex analysis by the tutor. The candidate who does well in the theory portion, will do well in the practical portion also. The Law school that is offering the exam will decide the order in which the questions are presented to the candidates, and they can choose any order they wish, as per the requirements.

The course may not be as simple as it seems. You need to work hard for the exams. The Law course entrance exam is a tough exam, and only a few people, who have been taking an interest in studying Law, can survive it. The Law course entrance exam is a step in the interview process. Only those who impress the registrar during the interview session, stand a good chance of getting into a reputed Law School. Hence, preparation for Law school exam is essential.

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