Legal Behaviour Examples – How Not To Take Things Personally

Law can be quite tricky and knowing legal behaviour examples is an excellent way to ensure that you are well versed in this extremely complex area of the law. Unfortunately many people do not fully appreciate the full meaning of legal behaviour and the ways in which it can be used within a case. For this reason it is absolutely essential that those pursuing a career in law as a legal practitioner to make sure they are up to speed on the many different areas of the law that they will need to understand. Having a good grasp of legal behaviour examples can really help here and it really is worth taking the time to find and consider some of them.

The first set of legal behaviour examples I shall look at were given by none other than Lord Justice Legg. His famous speech of sentencing, where he said that a sentence of imprisonment for murder was disproportionate to the seriousness of the crime, is perhaps the most famous. There are so many ways that we can take this example in our everyday lives and use it to our advantage. For example, many people may not fully understand that if we are going to take my law exam, we cannot do any of the work whilst we are behind bars! This is because we would have to take the example with us, even if we were not actually applying for a place at a law firm. As such, taking these great legal behaviour examples with you when you sit for your test will surely help you out greatly.

The next example of legal behaviour examples that I shall look at are those given by Sir Michael Caine. He said that it was wrong to take someone’s word over that they had not done something wrong. To take his words literally, it would be OK to take someone’s word if they gave you a signed piece of paper, but not if they only gave you a vague response to your questions. These are two absolute golden rules when it comes to taking somebody’s word on anything, let alone when it comes to doing your sums!

One more great example of legal behaviour examples comes from a rather unlikely source, the world of online games. In a game called World of Warcraft you can actually get a quest called the Knight’s Code. If you complete this quest you are able to then choose which race to be, you also gain a set amount of experience points. The one thing that is great about this example is that it actually has a point system!

Another example is from Law and Order. Although this show has been running for many years, there is one scene where an innocent man is brutally murdered for a crime he did not commit. This scene then makes you think of the importance of legal behaviour. Although there is no real legal behaviour that can be applied here, just remember that you must take the law into account at all times. This shows that even if you believe something, or someone says something, it is always worth remembering that they could be right, and you could be wrong!

A final example of legal behaviour comes from the world of the television show Deal or No Deal. This popular TV series features a variety of unusual characters who try to deal with life, its problems and situations. One of the characters, a male named Mark appeared in one episode as a substitute teacher for his friend who was being stood out at a school dance. The other friends thought he was gay because he was substituted. He instead took up a new female partner and started a family with her. Here you have a clear example of a legal behaviour called gay conversion.

Another example comes from Inside Out. The film takes a look at how we handle emotional trauma within our heads and how this can affect different parts of our lives. In one scene a mother tries to take care of her daughter’s pregnancy with her husband. When the child is born the wife throws the baby against a wall. In the legal behaviour example here the mother is trying to have her daughter killed, but the court found that it was in self defense.

So there you have it. Some real life legal behaviour examples. It can make you think about the things you do on a day to day basis that could be considered just and right. Legal or not, good or bad, it is there to be used. Remembering that you can take part in these actions and that you don’t need a lawyer to explain what they mean to you.

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