What Are the Prerequisites For the Legal Officer Exam 2021?

This article will help you to know what are the prerequisites for you to take the test for the post of Legal Officer (LO). Let us discuss each and every post briefly so that you can know the exact requirements for that post. You will get all the details here like post details, no of vacancies, educational qualification, age limit and pay scale. Upper age limit will also be relaxed as per government rules for the post of Legal Officer.

For all these positions there is a need of candidates who have the minimum educational qualification of degree from a recognized institute with tenure. The details are mentioned in the official website of the state board, which are released at the official website on a quarterly basis. If you wish to get the preliminary results for free then you can take the preliminary exam for legal officer within 10 days from submission of the online form.

In this article let us discuss in detail about qualifications required for such vacancies. There are three main types of vacancies available in the State Government like Legal Assistant, Legal Secretary and Legal Attorney. As per the requirement of the vacancies the candidates for all three types of positions are classified as Vacant Senior Teacher, Vacant Senior Associate and Vacant Associate.

Candidates who are eligible for the vacancies of Legal Assistant require minimum qualification of degree from any reputed institution with tenure. On completion of the degree course they are eligible for the post of Legal Assistant. For the vacant posts of Legal Secretary you need to complete the degree course completion in at least two years from passing the exams for the Legal Secretary post. Candidates eligible for the posts of Legal Attorney need to complete their degree courses with at least three years from passing the exams for the post of Legal Attorney. To get the post of Legal Attorney you need to complete one year from passing the examinations for the post of Legal Assistant or one year from passing the examination for the post of Legal Secretary.

The test series for aspiring candidates for vacancies of Legal Assistant, Legal Secretary and Legal Attorney is conducted by various State government agencies. The series consists of eight examinations for each category. Each candidate will receive a set of paper to be examined in the test series. In every test series there will be one paper of each grading level. You may take the first four prelims in order to prepare for the final exam for Legal Officer from which you will receive a certificate for successful completion of your course.

In the test series for Preparation for the Legal Officer Exam, the candidates will receive question paper for every grade they qualify for. The question papers of all the series contain same questions. The only difference is in the type of questions asked to the candidates. The question papers contain two sections in every panel of the exam. The first section contains general questions that are intended to evaluate your knowledge of laws as well as precedents in respective fields; while the second section is the specialized question papers for Legal Officers.

After completing the prelims you will receive a number of instruction sheets for your practice on the mains. The instructions consist of sample questions for the legal officer exam as well as answers to practice questions for the preliminary questions. The last section of the paper will contain the last answer key for each question in the exam.

In the exam there will be two sets of marks; Legal Assistant marks and Judicial Review marks. There will be twenty-four questions in total for the Legal Assistant exam, while there will be eighty-one marks for the Judicial Review Panel. These eighty-one marks are divided into ten classes, namely: District and County Clerk; Administration Lawyer; Civil Procedure; Criminal Law; Federal and Veterans Appeals; Law Journal; Property and Business Law; Tax Law; and Security Law. Your pass mark for the prelims is the overall grade for the entire exam.

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